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4-Year Plans

Student sitting at a computer in the library.

What are 4-year plans?

When you start planning your class schedule, it seems like there are so many requirements and options to consider. That's where a 4-year plan can help you.

Bethel has come up with these plans for each major that outline general education requirements, specific requirements for your major, and possible electives—and we've managed to fit all of these requirements into a class load you can handle.

Consider a 4-year plan your road map to completing your major in four years. However, you can change the term you take many of the courses.

Select the year that you start at Bethel from the list to start exploring 4-year plans:

We understand that you might like some flexibility in your schedule to take electives or to study abroad, so we encourage you to use a 4-year plan and to meet with your academic advisor to discuss other courses or scheduling options you're thinking about.

If you would like to create a personalized 4-year plan, open this blank plan in the format you prefer. (excel | pdf)