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 Transfer Students and Mid-year Students

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Planning and Preparing to Register

Planning for your first year of classes at Bethel is pretty easy. There is quite a bit of flexibility in when you take different classes. Your first schedule is just a place to get started. On these pages we provide you with the information and tools you need to make some choices for your first semester at Bethel. Our online registration form and instructions will ask you for some information about yourself, major(s) you are interested in, and your preferences for classes.

We want to be sure that you have the information you need and have time to make choices about the programs and courses that are best for you before you complete the online form. We have listed the types of questions you will want to know the answers to before you start filling out the online registration form. We also provide a pre-registration guide and links to online resources where you can learn about how you might answer these questions.

Want a checklist? If you would like to use a checklist for the things you need to know and do before you start the online pre-registration forms, click here. This information is also listed below.

  • Which courses have you taken or are you taking that for which Bethel does not have the results?
  • Which tests have you taken or will you take for which Bethel does not have the results?
  • How many credits do you want to take your first semester?
  • Are you planning on participating in any co-curricular?

    • Which activities?
  • Which major(s) are you interested in?
  • Which minor(s) are you interested in (if any)?
  • Are you thinking about going to a professional school after you graduate from Bethel (law school, dental school, etc)?
  • Which type of General Education courses are you interested in taking?

    • Transfer students, do you want to take Introduction to Life at Bethel to address transfer concerns and be oriented to academic resources?(New students entering spring with fewer than 14 credits will be enrolled in Introduction to the Liberal Arts.)
    • When you have some choices about courses in different General Education categories, which kinds of  course do you prefer (biology or chemistry, etc.)? 
    • Are you an English Language Learner who could be helped by taking a General Education course to further develop your academic writing skills?
    • Do you plan to take Pre-calculus, Calculus 1 or Calculus 2?
    • Do you plan to take a language class your first semester at Bethel? (There is a language requirement at Bethel.)
  • Which electives are you interested in taking?

If you have 1) looked at the resources provided 2) can answer the questions above, and 3) noted any placement exams you will need to take, you are ready to go to the online pre-registration forms.

Pre-registration Deadlines:

The priority deadlines for submitting your pre-registration information are:

  • May 31 for students entering in the fall
  • December 15 for students entering in interim
  • January 15 for students entering in spring

The registrar will take the information you have provided on your pre-registration form and put together a schedule for you for your first semester at Bethel.  When your schedule is ready you will receive an e-mail telling you how to access it electronically.