Why Biblical & Theological Studies at Bethel?

Why do students choose biblical and theological studies at Bethel? They want to explore the roots of Christianity, challenge their personal faith, and engage with the world as informed Christian thinkers. 

Take biblical and theological studies at Bethel and you will:

  • Integrate faith into daily life. Learn how to bring an informed understanding of the Christian faith into conversation with your friends, family, and new cultural contexts you encounter.
  • Spark a life-long passion. Cultivate a commitment for studying the Bible and Christian theology that you can nurture throughout your life.
  • Build a strong foundation. Develop a reverence for the role of the Holy Scriptures as foundation for Christian thinking and practice.

To support your studies, we offer a myriad of opportunities outside the classroom:

  • Off-campus courses include the Israel study tour; Greece-Turkey study tour; Issues and Praxis in Christian Social Justice class taken in Cambodia; and Conflict, Reconciliation and the Church taken in Northern Ireland or Minneapolis.
  • Inter-religious events encourage you to become aware of and conversant with significant world religions.
  • Annual student theology conferences allow you to interact with biblical and theological students and faculty from other schools, present research and hear others present their work and engage in lively discussions.