Potential Careers

Business and economics graduates leave Bethel prepared for meaningful work any number of settings. As sales reps, accountants, and non-profit managers, they use their gifts to serve, to lead, and to create lasting change in their workplaces and communities.

Graduates land jobs in a number of career fields:

  • Public accounting
  • Sales
  • Managerial and corporate accounting
  • Merchandising
  • Financial analyst
  • International business
  • Banking and investments
  • Small business ventures
  • Human resources generalist
  • Non-profit administration
  • Recruiter
  • Business teacher, grades 5-12

Many of our graduates go on to earn advanced degrees in fields such as business, administration, law, and public policy after gaining some experience in the business world. The ethics-based Master's in Business Administration offered through the Graduate School is an excellent option for continuing your education right at Bethel.

This info is designed to help you think about and explore possible career paths. It does not guarantee that these careers will be available once you earn this degree.