Department at a Glance

Number of Students

Students in all majors: 465

Number of Faculty

Full-time faculty: 13

What Students Study

  • Business with 6 emphases: accounting, finance, marketing, international business, human resource management, or entrepreneurship
  • Accounting (alone or combined with finance)
  • Economics (alone or combined with finance)
  • Business and political science

Skills Students Gain

Depending on their major, students develop a range of skills:

  • Knowledge of business processes
  • Management and administrative skills
  • Principles for operating a for-profit or non-profit organization
  • Understanding of economic forces
  • Accounting methods and technical skills
  • Financial analysis

Notable Courses

  • Psychology of Investing
  • Personal Finance
  • Business Problem Solving
  • Public Administration
  • Global Marketing
  • Sales and Sales Management
  • Staffing, Training, and Development