Global Engagement

Introduction to International Business (BUS202Z)

Every interim a group of students travels to Western Europe to get an up-close look at international and global business. Students study fundamental theories, principles, and viewpoints of global business while gaining an appreciation for the business culture of Western Europe. By visiting business sites that operate across boarders, including advertising agencies, banks, accounting firms, technology firms, manufacturing facilities, and multi-national corporations, students gain valuable experience in the complexities and nuances of international business operations. Additionally, students have the opportunity to experience the rich cultural heritage of Western European countries.

India International Market Issues (BUS 341GZ)

Every other interim students have the opportunity to travel to India to study life and business in the growing country. Focus is placed on understanding economic and market issues through exploring economic, cultural, and social systems. Students visit Indian businesses and factories while interacting with people from different socio-economic strata: business leaders, politicians, middle class, workers, college students, and the impoverished. Not only do students learn about global business practices in India, but also develop key cultural competencies by immersing in a rich and diverse culture.

Europe Term (Offered every other Fall Semester)

Europe Term – Business is an academic program of residential study and travel in Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Great Britain, and France. The program emphasizes serious academic study while giving students the opportunity to interact with fellow business students, diverse businesses, and political organizations throughout the European Union. Students spend significant periods of time at several study bases, visiting key businesses and cultural sites:

  • Goethe Institute (four sites in Germany)
  • Schloss Heroldeck (Millstatt, Austria)
  • Lycee Notre Dame de la Paix (Lorient, France).

A highlight of this course is a home-stay with a French family in Lorient, France.  The French students who host the Bethel group in Lorient then come to Bethel University for two weeks the following spring semester.

Interested in any of these study abroad opportunities? Visit the Office of International Studies to learn more.