Department at a Glance

Number of Students


Number of Faculty


What Students Study

  • Basic Communication
  • Perspectives on Human Communication
  • Media Communication
  • Methods of Communication Research
  • Senior Seminar

Skills Students Gain

  • Speaking in public
  • Conducting research
  • Writing effectively
  • Understanding how groups and organizations function

Beyond core courses, students choose to specialize in one of five areas, tailored to their career goals: Relational Communication, Organizational Communication, Rhetorical Studies, Media Criticism, or Media Production.

Notable Courses

Courses in online communication, such as:

  • Virtual Relationships
  • Communication Technology and Society

Courses in family communication, such as:

  • Family Communication
  • Abusive Relationships

Courses in rhetorical studies, such as:

  • Religious Rhetoric
  • Rhetoric of Katrina
  • Disaster Rhetoric

Other strong courses include Media Law, Screenwriting, and Web Design, and our topics course addresses emerging areas of practice, such as health communication.