Majors & Minors


B.A. in Communication Studies

You’ll begin by examining human thought and engagement through communication principles. Building on this foundation, you’ll go on to create and test ideas, develop abilities of your own, and become confident and effective in public presentations and interpersonal relationships. Students develop skills in a variety of areas including research, strategic planning, business, public relations, and more.

Choice of emphasis:

  • Relational Communication. Involves the study of interpersonal, family, and other forms of communication involving dyadic and group relationships.
  • Rhetorical Studies. Involves the study of public communication within a cultural context.
  • Organizational Communication. Examines the role of communication within business and organizational settings. Students also choose tracks in writing, employee communication, marketing communication, or design.

B.A. in Media Communication

The Media Communication major focuses on preparing graduates to work and navigate within our ever-changing media culture. Students build skills in media writing, public speaking, web design/content creation, and broadcast production—using a state-of-the-art television studio and web-streamed radio station.

Choice of emphasis:

  • Media Production. Involves the theories and application about the creation of media content including radio, broadcast, and television.
  • Media Criticism. Involves understanding and examining how media influences culture.


Communication Studies

The minor in Communication Studies explores basic communication principles that are helpful to students studying psychology, business, youth ministry, theology, political science, or art.

Media Communication

The minor in Media Communication pairs nicely with studies in film, journalism, or youth ministry.

Finding the Right Fit

Students who thrive in Communication Studies or Media Communication tend to be hardworking, creative, energetic, and enjoy challenges. They are heavily involved in creating content, doing research, or producing media projects.

At Bethel, though, you master more than articulate speaking or technical skills. Because we're a Christian liberal arts university, you'll develop critical thinking about the social impact of communication, and explore best practices in the responsible use of tools such as social media.