Department at a Glance

Number of Students

In any given year across all majors: 350-400

Number of Faculty

20 full-time and adjunct

Success Rates

Licensing exam: 95-97% of our graduates pass the licensing exam, placing Bethel in the top quarter of all teaching programs in Minnesota.

Program completion: 95% of students complete the major in 4 years.

Student teachers: 95% of all supervising teachers rated Bethel’s student teachers as knowledgeable in content, competent in methods of teaching, and caring and positive toward others.

What Students Study

Students explore topics and issues that bring them to a deeper understanding of how children and young people learn.  Through specialized concentrations, such as music, science, or math, students become experts in the content area as well as the age group of their choice.

Skills Students Gain

  • Classroom management
  • Lesson planning
  • Instruction and delivery
  • Student measurement and evaluation
  • Personal assessment and reflection