Department at a Glance

Number of Students

Across all majors: 122

Number of Faculty

Full-time: 9

What Students Study

Students in all majors: 

  • Explore classic and contemporary literature from Britain, America, and other countries throughout the world
  • Discern what it means to be a Christian reader and writer
  • Learn various theoretical approaches to reading and talking about text

Skills Students Gain

  • Close reading
  • Clear communication
  • Strong analysis
  • Practical skills used by professionals

Notable Courses

Topics in Journalism: Each year we bring in a working journalist to work with this class in an area of his or her expertise. For example, in 2009 Rohan Preston, the Minneapolis Star Tribune theatre critic, taught a course in covering the arts. Students attended various arts events around the Twin Cities, wrote reviews, and interviewed prominent members of the arts community.

Juvenile Literature: Students read and discuss text written for 5th through 9th graders. They correspond by email with local middle schoolers as they read, and have lunch with their reading buddies at the end of the term.

Poetry Writing: Award-winning poet Angela Shannon immerses her students in the world of poetry through readings in the greater Twin Cities area as well as on campus open mic events.

American Giants: In 2010 this literary topics course featured 3 literature professors, each teaching a favorite epic novel: Moby Dick, The Sound and the Fury, and Underworld. In the Underworld section, students visited a waste recycling facility.