Majors & Minors


B.A in English Literature

We offer both a major and a minor in English Literature with courses ranging from World Literature to Shakespeare to The Harlem Renaissance. The “Lit” major requires the fewest courses, allowing many students to combine it with their work in other fields (e.g., Psychology, Biblical and Theological Studies, Political Science) to complete a double major.

B.A. in Journalism

The Journalism program offers both a major and a minor. The program gives students a strong balance of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, but is small enough to allow students to combine the journalism major with other majors or minors of interest, as well. All journalism students work on The Clarion, the campus newspaper.

B.A. in English Literature and Writing

The English Literature and Writing major gives students the opportunity to both read great literature and create it. The English department offers more than 15 writing courses from which to choose, including Travel Writing in which students travel with a Bethel professor to places like Australia to explore, reflect, read, and write.

B.A. in Communication Arts and Literature Education Grades 5–12 (English Education)

Students who pursue English education earn a Minnesota teaching license in Communication Arts and Literature for grades 5-12. This major is essentially a double major in English and education, and it allows students to nurture their gifts for literature and writing while learning how to share this passion with adolescent students. Students in this major participate in field experiences in nearby public schools throughout the program, culminating in student teaching experiences in both middle and high schools.


Minor in English Literature

This is small minor that allows students to pursue their passion for reading and writing as they continue their studies in other areas. Complements: Natural Sciences, Music, Bible, and Philosophy

Minor in Creative Writing

Students who wish to hone their skills in creative writing, but are pursuing majors outside the English department, often choose this minor. Complements: Communication Studies, Art, Journalism

Minor in Journalism

This minor gives students skills they need to communication clearly about the material they are learning in their primary major.  Complements: Political Science, Reconciliation Studies, Communication Studies

Is our department the right fit?

You might be an English Major if:

  • You particularly enjoy the sound of the word “snickerdoodle.”
  • You read more slowly when you get toward the end of a book because you don’t want it to be over.
  • You answer either/or questions with “yes.”
  • No one will play Scrabble, Boggle, or Balderdash against you.
  • You send back your friend’s text message properly spelled and punctuated.
  • You check the backs of wardrobes, just to be sure.