Preparing “bilingual” students who are imaginatively comfortable in an historic past and actively engaged in the present.

In the Department of History at Bethel, students cultivate a passion for learning what’s gone before and develop skills like reading, research, analysis, and writing that are crucial to living in the years to come.

We learn together about the present state of the world by:

  • Exploring significant social, cultural, religious, and political developments from the past
  • Engaging in helpful criticism, evaluation, and interpretation
  • Understanding basic foundations of western and non-western civilizations (especially exploring their commitment to tolerance and diversity)
  • Analyzing interconnectedness of the larger world through study abroad options
  • Integrating Christian faith with human knowledge and experience

Many of our graduates leave ready for careers as teachers, professors, pastors, lawyers, activists, librarians, and civil servants; others put their research, analysis, and communication skills to work in non-profits and corporations.

And they ultimately leave prepared for good citizenship in an increasingly global society—a citizenship that’s influenced by an intelligent, Christ-centered non-conformity.

Our faculty come from leading national universities and are experts in their fields, but they’re best known for their ability to teach. As they work with students, they develop the kind of friendly, helpful relationships that have long been a hallmark of a Bethel education.

Majors & Minors

  • History
  • Social Studies Education
  • History

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