Potential Careers

A liberal arts degree in history gives you marketable skills, ranging from writing and conducting research to public speaking. Famous history students cover the spectrum, including presidents (both Roosevelts, Woodrow Wilson, Richard Nixon), CEOs (Martha Stewart, Carly Fiorina), comedians (Steve Carell, Conan O’Brien), and musicians (Lauryn Hill, Jimmy Buffett).

It’s most common for history graduates to find jobs in:

  • Education (especially as Social Studies teachers in middle and high schools)
  • Business and non-profits
  • Pastoral ministry
  • Law, civil service, and politics
  • Journalism and writing
  • Libraries, archives, and museums

Many history students also continue their studies, earning additional degrees through programs such as:

  • Master’s and doctoral programs in history and related fields like international relations and classics
  • Master’s programs in education or library science
  • Law school programs
  • Seminary programs

This info is designed to help you think about and explore possible career paths. It does not guarantee that these careers will be available once you earn this degree.