Majors & Minors


B.A. in History

The History major gives students a broad knowledge of human history, allowing them to observe change and continuity across time and similarity and difference across cultures and societies.

History students are equipped to read and think critically, to frame questions and find the resources to answer them, to write and speak persuasively, and to treat others with empathy and respect. The major is flexible and relatively small to allow students to study off campus or earn a second major.

B.A. in Social Studies Education 5-12

The Social Studies Education major prepares students for a career teaching history, government, and other social studies classes at the middle or high school level. It combines course work in history and social sciences with pedagogical training from the Department of Education, culminating with a student teaching experience in an area school. Students in this major often add a History major or study another content area.


Students can complete a History minor by taking 5-6  history courses (18 credits). A history minor is a good option for students who are interested in studying the past, but are not able to complete 2 majors.

Is our department the right fit?

Take a look at these questions to see if our department would be a good fit for your gifts and passions:

  • Do you like stories about ordinary and extraordinary men and women who have significantly affected the course of human development in different times and places?
  • Do you enjoy reading, research, and writing? Want to be challenged to develop these and other important skills, like analysis and synthesis?
  • Do you feel convinced that Christians cannot be “ambassadors for Christ” (2 Cor 5:20) in the present if they have no memory of the past?