Why History at Bethel?

Students choose to study history at Bethel for all kinds of reasons. Maybe they're captivated by stories from ancient societies, perhaps they want to explore their cultural roots, or they might just have a brain that's wired for learning from the past.

Whatever the reason, Bethel's History Department gets students engaged in what they love most about studying history.

Check out a few highlights:

  • Relationships with faculty. Our founder, John Alexis Edgren, said that the relationship between professor and student should “be one of real friendship and helpfulness.” Our smaller department and class sizes make it easy to get to know professors who are committed to advising, mentoring, and discipleship.
  • Creativity in teaching. Our professors are passionate, innovative teachers, and campus leaders in team-teaching and the use of classroom technology and new media.
  • Student employment. Student teaching assistants get the chance to work closely with faculty and gain valuable experience in teaching, research, or administration. In addition, students can apply for internships in local archives and libraries like the Minnesota Historical Society and the History Center, Archives of the BGC and Bethel University (whose director of archives is our own Prof. Diana Magnuson).
  • Off-campus study. Live in a cabin in Oregon, study in Washington D.C., or travel abroad to places like Oxford or the Middle East through Bethel’s off-campus programs.
  • Original research. Students in our capstone course (Senior Seminar) research and write a final paper on virtually any historical topic. Through face-to-face time with instructors and access to excellent local archives like the Minnesota History Center, our undergrads make original contributions to scholarship on state and local history.