What is the nature of self? Can we know God exists? Pursuing answers, students stretch their horizons, learn to reason clearly, and gain a deeply examined Christian faith.

In the Department of Philosophy at Bethel, we explore both historic and contemporary thought about the basic questions of life. Together, students and professors then attempt to articulate God’s truth as it relates to these common human dilemmas. It’s a process that involves dialogue, disciplined thinking and writing, and mutual respect.

In class or in hallway discussions, our 6 faculty members are happy to talk through any philosophical topic. They come from a variety of Christian backgrounds and bring expertise in all kinds of philosophy—Asian, Islamic, medieval, continental, and modern—as well the application of philosophy to ethics, religion, art, film, psychology, sociology, and politics.

As we pursue truth, philosophy becomes integrated with our faith in Christ, and with other academic disciplines. Pondering life’s biggest issues, our students learn to reason and communicate more clearly—strengths that prepare them for a range of careers.

In fact, while some go on to graduate school in philosophy—or to seminary or law school—many other students pair philosophy with another major simply for the valuable skills it cultivates.

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