A tradition of excellence in physics and engineering.

The Department of Physics and Engineering Program at Bethel has a tradition of excellence that has led to a strong national reputation in both physics and engineering. We offer flexible degree programs, great opportunities for student research, outstanding alumni, and highly qualified faculty members who are committed to mentoring students.

The department offers majors & programs in physics, applied physics, and engineering, enabling our students to explore a number of opportunities.

Physics and engineering students start out with very similar course schedules before concentrating on their own chosen specialty, and are all advised by the Physics Department faculty. Many students choose to double major in physics and a particular engineering field. Students studying in either field are welcome in our local chapter of the Society of Physics Students and the Sigma Pi Sigma honorary society. Such cohesiveness builds a sense of unity among the students and faculty, providing a strong, supportive community of mentors and peers.

Our students enjoy individual attention from faculty who are passionate about teaching. Classes are large enough to be competitive without being so big that a student feels lost. The faculty are involved in serious scientific research and love to include students in their work. The opportunity to learn by doing, particularly in open-ended course projects, is truly valuable and unique for undergraduate students. Our current students are sought after for internships and our graduates are highly valued by industry and graduate programs.

Physics Lab at Bethel

Majors & Programs

  • Engineering: Dual-Degree Program
  • Graduate Engineering
  • Applied Physics (B.S.)
  • Physics (choice of B.S. or B.A.)

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