By studying power, peace, justice, and order, students become responsible Christian citizens—seeking truth in forming a common life together.

The Department of Political Science at Bethel trains students to be citizens and Christ-followers who seek truth by looking at justice, liberty, power, order, and peace as they're expressed in political life at the individual, local, national, and global levels.

Through our majors and minors, students acquire skills to integrate the Christian faith with methods and insights of the academic discipline of political science. 

Our faculty design courses that prepare their students for Christian scholarship and citizenship—leaving them well equipped for lives of service in public, non-profit, and private work. Political science grads pursue careers in a number of fields including law, diplomacy, education, international affairs, and more.

Our students also engage in off-campus experiences all over the world, from the U.K. to Senegal to Australia. And many spend a semester in one of the great political epicenters—Washington, D.C.

Majors & Minors

  • Political Science
  • Business and Political Science
  • International Relations
  • Political Science

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