Study how the human mind works—and why people behave as they do. Learn to integrate Christian perspectives with current psychology methods—and apply complex principles to everyday life.

In the Department of Psychology at Bethel, we look at the hows and whys of mental processes and behavior. But it won’t be just through textbooks. Our professors encourage students to see how the principles they learn apply to real situations—and how to relate their work to their Christian faith.

In psychology, students get acquainted with:

  • Theory and history of psychology
  • Terms and principles of cognition and behavior
  • Research techniques

Although you can pursue psychology as a stand-alone major, some students pair the major with studies in communications, philosophy, Spanish, biblical studies, and other fields. Many also choose to weave a study abroad program into their education.

Toward the end of the program, all students participate in a required internship at a local counseling practice, hospital, corporation, ministry, or other setting related to their interests.

Our graduates leave Bethel prepared for a number of career fields or graduate programs, such as the M.A. Counseling Psychology offered through the Graduate School right at Bethel.