Play an active role in the world community of the 21st century. Build skills for communicating across cultures in a Christ-like manner.

In the Department of Modern World Languages at Bethel, we prepare graduates to serve people from other cultures with compassion. Beyond simply studying language, we focus on the values of social justice, equity, and reconciliation. Our graduates learn to understand and communicate with communities throughout the world from a thoughtful, Christian perspective.

Students in the department dive into the languages of Spanish, French, German, and Chinese. They explore the study of linguistics, master sign language, or learn how to teach English as a second language. And they all leave Bethel prepared with language skills that they can apply to a wide range of career fields.

Through our majors and minors, students gain:

  • Command of a language
  • An understanding of cultural and historical aspects
  • The ability to teach French, Spanish, or English to second language learners

Our professors teach from diverse perspectives and personal experiences. They encourage students to get out of their comfort zones through service learning projects, classroom dialogue, and study abroad programs.


  • Spanish
  • Linguistics
  • Language Education (various majors)

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Placement Testing

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