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General Academic Study Skills

On-line Study Skills Advice from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
A good variety of useful information, including 5 on-line study skills workshops on time, tests, textbook reading, memory and concentration, and a study skills inventory. A great place to start.

Websites with good advice about studying for and taking tests

Multiple Choice Exams (Duke University)

Websites with good advice about using time

Where does time Go?

Websites with good advice about reading (speed, comprehension, etc.)

The SQ3R Reading and Study System
Suggestions for improving reading speed
Reading essays you must analyze

Websites on memory and comprehension


Websites on learning styles

On-line assessment of your learning style from nc state university.

Websites on note-taking

Note-taking and In-class skills
The famous "Cornell System"
Editing Lecture Notes

Websites with tools (surveys, quizzes, etc.) to help you evaluate your skills

Study Skill Checklist
5 on-line study skills workshops from Virginia Tech
Time Management, Test Taking, Textbook Reading, Concentration, Study Skills Inventory