Department of Biological Sciences

Senior Seminar Paper Format Page

BIO499/ENS498 REQUIREMENTS FOR SENIOR RESEARCH PAPERS:  Style, formatting, submission instructions and deadlines (2009)

1. Cover Page








A Research Thesis

Submitted in Partial Fulfillment

of the Requirements for 

the BA (or BS) in Biology

Bethel University

May 2009


2. Abstract - no more than 200 words

3. Introduction - this section must be a part of all senior papers

4. Materials and Methods - section for research papers only. Replaced by review section in review papers. See below

5. Results - section for research papers only

4. - 5. Review Section - for review papers only the body of the literature review should be subdivided by subheadings to organize the paper in the most readable and clearly-understandable way. See one of the Annual Review of .... in the Library for examples of typical review-paper formats.

6. Discussion/Conclusion - section for research and review papers

7. Literature Cited - this section must be a part of all senior papers.

  • All citations in the body of the paper must be in Author (date) format, e.g. "(McMillan 1997)". See citation format for examples
  • Each citation is listed alphabetically in the Litrrature Cited section at the end of the paper- See Chapter 6, p 104 - 109, in McMillan, V.E. 1997, Writing papers in the biological sciences. St. Martin's Press, New York. for examples of proper format and punctuation etc.. Some general cases are listed below:

Wright, R. T. 1989. Biology Through the Eyes of Faith. Harper and Row, San Francisco Article:
Pimentel, D. , C. Wilson, C. McCullum, R. Huang, P. Dwen, J. Flack, Q. Tran, T. Saltman, and B. Cliff.
1997. Economic and Environmental Benefits of Biodiversity. BioScience 47(11):747-757.

Harris, R. 1997. Evaluating Internet Research Sources. [Internet] (Date you accessed web page).

See Preferred Biology Department Format for Citing Sources for more details and examples

8. Other Format Issues

  • All papers should be formatted in the same way, namely:

    • Text margins 1.5 inch left, and 1.0 inch right, top, and bottom margins.
    • Text double spaced.
    • Font size should be 12 and the recommended font is Times New Roman.
    • Page numbers should be placed at the bottom center of the page.