Dr. Ripley Smith

Dr. Ripley Smith

Dr. Ripley Smith
Professor of Communication Studies

Office: HC 327I
Phone: 651-638-6927

E-mail: r-smith@bethel.edu


B.A.: University of Dubuque
M.A.: University of Minnesota
Ph.D.: University of Minnesota

Dissertation title: Intercultural Social Support Networks: A Socio-Structural Description of Expatriate Adjustment and Communicative Competence.

Research Interests: Social networks and socio-cultural adjustment, trust development in partnerships across cultures and organizations, NGOs and international crisis intervention processes, prophetic rhetoric

Other courses taught in the department: Basic Communication, Media Communication, Persuasion, Intercultural Communication, Topics in Media Production, Web Design; Topics in Contemporary Communication (Graduate)

Favorite Book: For pure entertainment, anything by Grisham, Clancy, or Tolkien. For substance, The Passion of the Western Mind by Richard Tarnas or World on Fire by Amy Chua.

Favorite Religious Book (not including the Bible): So Send I You, by Oswald Chambers; Desiring God, by John Piper.

Hobbies: Playing and coaching competitive soccer; Folk/classical guitar; woodworking; Studying ancient Israel, classical philosophy, and the early Christian church.