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Latest news from the NPDA...


President Kevin Minch posted a guide to how to effect change at the upcoming business meeting.


Link to Danny's Executive Secretary website. The new NPDA website will be up in the next few days.


Changes to the Tournament Operating Procedures by the Executive Council and their rationale have been posted.


6th version of tournament calendar (254 tournaments listed).


Important letter for members: proposed changes for Constitution and Bylaws. These changes have been passed by the membership.


Spring 2008 Business Meeting minutes posted.

Constitution updated as of November 2007.

Please note: This website is no longer being updated. The new website can be found at

About the website and the NPDA.

The National Parliamentary Debate Association is the largest intercollegiate debate association in the United States. Member schools engage in two-on-two debate, with the resolutions (or topics) changing for each round of competition.

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