Modern World Languages

Modern World Languages

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Kristin at Magdalena

The Department of Modern World Languages equips students to understand and communicate with people of other cultures so that students may pursue an active role in the world community of the 21st century.

Departmental goals are to prepare competent majors and minors in modern languages, cultures, and literatures and to prepare students to teach languages to others. The department is committed to providing language and cultural training to non-majors to enhance their studies, Christian service, travel, and future professional growth.

Majors in Linguistics, Spanish, and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) as well as majors leading to Minnesota licensure to teach French K-12 and Spanish K-12 (licensure in world languages and cultures) and to teach English as a second language K-12 (TESL) are offered. Other languages offered at Bethel are ASL, Chinese, and German. Programs in the Department of Modern World Languages also complement majors and minors from many other departments. Come visit us in Townhouse M2!