Philosophy Department

Carrie Peffley

Office: CC307
Ext.: 6722
P.O. Box: 110


Academic Degrees

Ph.D., University of Cambridge [In progress]
M.Phil, University of Cambridge
M.A., Marquette University
B.A., Bethel College

Short Bio

I first became interested in philosophy after taking a World Literature course in my high school. So I was one of those weirdos who actually entered the university as a philosophy major. As an undergraduate at Bethel, I was quickly drawn to the medieval period of philosophy, due to its focus on the relationship between faith and reason. And as I furthered my study in graduate school, I continued to focus on medieval philosophy and metaphysics. And at Cambridge, I was happily able to focus on two other interests: listening to good Renaissance choral music and European traveling.

Areas of Interest

My main area is medieval philosophy (Latin and Arabic), specifically 13th century metaphysics. This of course involves a decent interest in Plato and Aristotle. I’m also quite interested in the epistemic and metaphysical grounding for political and social philosophy during this period. I also dabble in ethics, both medieval and contemporary.

Current Work

I’m currently completing my Ph.D. dissertation at the University of Cambridge, which is entitled “The Subject of Metaphysics from Aquinas to Scotus.” I’m examining the possible subjects of metaphysics (in an Aristotelian sense) within the 13th century discussion. Specifically, I’m looking at whether the subject of metaphysics should be God or ens inquantum est ens (being qua being), and how this influences metaphysics as a science.