Psychology Department

Psychology Department Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

joe.jpg Joel Frederickson, Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Educational Psychology, Emphasis in Social Psychology.
Research/Scholarship: Sleep habits of college students, gender and leadership, moral reasoning development, cross-cultural research with Japanese students.
linde.jpg Linde Getahun, Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Family Education/Cross-Cultural Emphasis.
Research/Scholarship: Interaction in multicultural families, changes in parental perspectives and competencies during acculturation, identity formation in cross-cultural adjustment for individuals and families.  Link to website
petej.JPG Peter Jankowski, Ph.D. Texas Tech University,
Marriage and Family Therapy
Peace Psychology, clinical decision-making, qualitative research methodology, spirituality in psychotherapy, marriage and family therapy supervision.
picture of Dr. Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson, Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN; Neuroscience.

Research/Scholarship: Neural mechanisms of memory and decision making, comparative behavior of humans and animals, robotics and machine learning.

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andy.jpg Andy Johnson, Ph.D., University of Notre Dame, Counseling Psychology.
Counseling theories, quantitative methods, process and outcome research in applied psychology, integration of faith and learning, psychology of religion, self-determination.
jim.jpg Jim Koch, Ph.D., New School for Social Research, New York, NY; Clinical Psychology
Clinical/Counseling-relationship issues (e.g. family issues); integration of psychology and Christianity.
jason.jpg Jason Li, Ph.D., Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI; Clinical Psychology.
Clinical/Counseling, integration issues in psychology and theology, family of origin work, multicultural/cross-cultural issues, mature selfhood in Christ, racial reconciliation.
ruth.jpg J. Ruth Nelson, Ph.D., University of Minnesota, School Psychology
Unintended outcomes of high stakes testing on students with disabilities. Link to website
kathy.jpg Katherine Nevins, Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Counseling and Student Personnel.
Research/Scholarship: Women's issues, developmental instruction in higher education, mediation for families and special education, theatre and psychology.
angela.JPG Angela Sabates, Ph.D., Northwestern University, Clinical Psychology.
Research/Scholarship: Child/adolescent psychological assessment and treatment, relationship between a Christian worldview and the assumptions of psychology as a scientific endeavor, implications of a Biblical view of human nature as an explanatory model, relevance of interdisciplinary study for psychology students.
myrla.jpg Myrla Seibold, Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary, Clinical Psychology.
Forgiveness, women�s issues in contemporary society. integration of psychology and theology.
gretchenw.jpg Gretchen Wrobel, Ph.D., University of Minnesota; School Psychology.
Member of a University of Minnesota research team investigating openness in adoptive relationships, perceived competence and self-esteem.
carole.jpg Carole Young, Ph.D., Arizona State University; Experimental Psychology.
Retrieval from short-term memory, conditioning, reaction time, and categorical memory retrieval. Link to website
rachel.JPG Rachel Young, B. A. Bethel University; Biblical and Theological Studies
Psychology Department Coordinator

Part-Time Faculty

debbie.JPG Debbie Janiga-Scheide, M.A. Bethel University, Counseling Psychology
Addiction, marriage & family, anxiety, and depression.
mary.JPG Mary Jensen, Currently enrolled in Ed.D. program at the University of St.Thomas.
Research/Scolarship: Marriage and family studies, industrial psychology.
osgood.JPG Christine Osgood, M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy, North American Baptist Seminary, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Marital issues, family systems, personal and spiritual Formation, pursuing a D. Min., with emphasis on spiritual formation.
dan.JPG Dan Rotach, D. Min., Bethel University, Credentialed Mediator
Research/Scolarship: Marriage and family therapy,counseling Christian workers.