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Country Studies A to Z

Special Interest

BBC Country Profiles

Overview, facts, history, politics, leaders, media of each listed country. Up-to-date articles about the countries' current issues. Database of International Organisations.

CIA World Factbook

Country database, background information, geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military and transnational issues statistics.

Countries and Their Cultures

Excellent source on countries and their cultural aspects including social welfare and change programs, NGOs, family, socialization, medicine. 

Lands and Peoples

Encyclopedia, electronic atlas, offers comparison between countries.

Portals To The World (The Library of Congress)

Very rich resource for countries around the world. Information on a wide range of broad categories including genealogy. Links to area specific search engines.

United Nations Country profiles

Click on a country on the world map and get quick facts on a wide range of issues (Population, health, economy, currency, etc.)

US Dept of State Country profiles

Listing of countries. Click on background notes and find a variety of topics and statist

CULTURAL TOPICS: Country Insights (Centre for Intercultural Learning)

Select a country and, among other information, explore cultural topics, such as communication styles, display of emotion, conversational style, dress, punctuality, and formality, etc.

Country Profiles: Etiquette, Customs, & Culture

Click on a country and find facts including culture &  society, family, customs, and etiquette associated with meetings, genders, mealtimes, business, and gift giving.

ECONOMY: The Economist: Country Briefings

Country profiles, political and economic situations, and recent news articles.

PHOTOGRAPHY, TRAVEL: National Geographic Country Facts

Click on a country and get general information, history, language, religion, and more. A great site to explore the world.

TRAVEL FOCUS : Yahoo Country Links

Alphabetical listing of countries (then provinces, cities). Range of topics, current news, travel and tourist information.

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