Multicultural Resources

Statistics on Displaced Persons and Immigration

Refugee Camp Thatched Roofs
U.S. Department of State Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration

Database and reports on refugees and migration; refugee admissions, assistance, and resettlement; Iraq refugee protection and assistance; etc.

UN Refugee statistics

The refugee story in statistics: online population database, population levels and trends, refugee status determination trends.

World Refugee Survey (U.S. Committee for Refugees)

Tables, graphs, resettlement, inventory of refugee rights, country updates.

Frequently Asked Questions about Refugees (Church World Service)

-Where most refugees come from, etc.

Cultural Education Resource Center

U.S. Refugee statistics by region and country, admission ceilings by country, refugees in the news.

Internally Displaced Persons

Interactive map, 50 countries.

Refugee Squatting Cook