Multicultural Resources


American Students Traveling Abroad
  • Everything a student needs to know or do before, and while,¬†travelling abroad.
SA Flight Map
More on Americans Traveling Abroad
  • Countries A-Z, visa requirements, travel warnings.
National Passport Information Center
  • Services and information regarding passports and travel.
National Customs Websites
  • Links to the websites of national border customs associated with the country you choose. What to expect, latest news, etc.
Currency Cheat Sheet
  • Create a currency table converting the currency rates of one country to that of another.
SA Knee Lift
International Travel and Health (World Health Organization)
  • The latest health information associated with travel in different countries, including vaccinations, health service coverage, disease outbreaks and crises, risk factors.Health statistics of a country, such as life expectancy at birth, probability of population mortality rate, etc.
Ethnic Harvest: International Travel Tools
  • World clock, international currency converter, travel agencies with bargain airfares for mission trips, travel insurance.¬†
International Maps (Mapquest)
  • - International maps and directions.