Helping you make the most out of grants, loans, and scholarships—so college expenses don't stand in the way of earning your degree.

At Bethel, we want to prepare you for success after graduation. That includes making your tuition costs manageable with the help of financial aid.

You can qualify for 4 main types of financial aid:


We're here to help. Contact a financial aid counselor.


By the Numbers

62% of Bethel students graduate in 4 years.

Compare that to 41% of students at the best state university in the region. That means Bethel students are finishing earlier and have more years of earning power.

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    Before You Apply

    Get an estimate of your award and learn more about what to do before you apply for aid.

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    Apply for Aid

    Get started on your Bethel aid application and your FAFSA.

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    After You're Awarded

    Once you receive your award package, there are just a few more steps to complete.