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England Term (Fall 2017)

Applications are now available in the Office of Off-Campus Programs/International Studies, CC320A.


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Experience Christian spirituality from its Celtic roots to modern monasticism. • Walk in the footsteps of your favorite authors and their characters • Enjoy unique settings, meet diverse people, and write your own travel blog.

Program Description

England Term is a semester-long study and travel experience in Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), Ireland, and France. England Term combines periods of travel (from a weekend to two weeks in duration) with periods of intense study at both retreat and study centers. Sponsored by the English Department, England Term 2017 will be led by Dr. Mark Bruce.


Courses (12 Credits Total)

ENL321: Drama in Great Britain (4 credits)

The British Isles have a rich dramatic tradition that still flourishes in a number of places: from the National Theatre and the Globe Theatre in London to the three distinctively different stages in Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon to the Abbey Theatre in Dublin (co-founded by W.B. Yeats). This course focuses on Shakespeare and includes time in Stratford-Upon-Avon, where we’ll see plays by the Royal Shakespeare Company; contemporary plays are added as available in additional locations. We’ll also take classes at the Shakespeare Centre and/or the Globe Theatre. Lecturers may include leading British scholars, actors/directions with the Royal Shakespeare Company, and technical theatre crew.

This course may substitute for ENL303: Shakespeare: The Art of the Dramatist (4 credits).

ENW302A: Travel Writing (4 credits)

We will participate in the rich tradition of travel writing, reading a number of traditional and modern travel authors—including those who write in digital form. Experiences while in Great Britain, Ireland, and France will serve as a basis for some travel essays, however, time spent during independent travel in Europe will also provide rich materials for writing in the many subgenres of the travel writing field. This course may substitute for ENW205A: Essay Writing (4 credits).

ENL354: Literature on Location (4 credits)

One of the unique elements of England Term is the opportunity to read and study the works and lives of authors in the places that inspired their creativity and influenced their perspectives. We’ll walk the settings of Jane Austen novels, explore the London streets of T.S. Eliot and Virginia Woolf, trace James Joyce through Dublin, and sit outside the Paris cafes as Hemingway did. We’ll also read and experience contemporary authors in the locations in which they currently write.

This course counts as a literature elective or may substitute for ENL350: 20th-Century Literature

(4 credits) or ENL352 Contemporary Literature (4 credits).

Cross-Cultural Experience- General Education (Z-tag) 

England Term 2017 fulfills the Z-tag requirement of the general education curriculum. These courses stress significant off-campus, cross-cultural experiences. One such aspect of the program will be in Northern Ireland where we will learn about reconciliation efforts among Protestants and Catholics.

In addition to informal teaching and discussions along the way, formal class sessions are reserved for locations where we’re staying for several days. These venues are more conducive to longer periods of concentrated study. We will also enjoy guest lecturers, historical reenactors, and literary tour guides.


Accommodations and Meals

When traveling, the group generally stays in self-catering facilities, hostels, and small hotels. Meals while staying in these accommodations come from grocery stores and restaurants. Larger venues, where we stay for extended periods, typically provide catered meals; they often have dorm-like facilities, laundry, and recreational areas. Conveniences vary among the different locations, ranging from secluded locations that feel like stepping back in time to modern venues with Wi-Fi and en suite rooms. Daily stipends are allotted for meals that are not provided at or by the venues, and information of the specific accommodations will be available in the Spring.

Who participates in England Term?

Students from all majors are welcome to apply to England Term. Priority is generally given to juniors and seniors, but a number of factors may be considered in the application process. Dr. Mark Bruce from Bethel’s English Department will lead a group of 20-25 Bethel students.

When is England Term?

The dates for England Term generally coincide with Bethel’s fall semester schedule. The departure date is set for August 20, 2017; the term is scheduled to end on December 6, 2017. (Exact dates and times TBD.) England Term will include a Fall Break of approximately 12 days to allow for independent travel in Europe; this will provide both a period of rejuvenation and an opportunity to experience additional locations as material for travel writing.


We leave from Minneapolis and fly into Edinburgh, Scotland. From there, the majority of our travel will be by coach (bus). We’ll also experience the Tube in London and take a ferry ride to Ireland. There will be additional travel by air to some major cities, such as Paris, and we’ll depart from London as we head back to the U.S.

How much does England Term cost?

Every attempt is made to keep the program cost equivalent to Bethel tuition, room (junior level), and full board. An additional travel fee, typically no more than $1000, may be assessed due to the exchange rate. The program fee will cover all program-related expenses, including air transportation, lodging, food, ground transportation, excursions, entrance fees, and miscellaneous costs. Most books will be accessed via Kindle, which is included in the trip costs. Costs not covered include passport, immunizations, travel supplies, personal expenses (such as money for snacks and drinks, laundry money, souvenirs, clothes shopping, etc.), non-study related excursions or sightseeing, and independent travel during Fall Break. Most financial aid (including loans and Bethel gift aid) can be applied toward the cost of this program.

Why should I participate?

There are a number of reasons to take advantage of this opportunity; here are three:

  1. A unique educational experience: Literary study in England Term will deepen your understanding and appreciation of a wide range of literature, and will provide new opportunities to use writing to explore your expanding world.  Not only will you see literary works in a new light, but also your study gains an exciting intensity when conducted in the company of other enthusiastic explorers.
  2. A unique spiritual experience: England Term inevitably creates a close-knit community of Christians.  Both as a member of a Bethel group, and in encounters with Christians from other cultures, you will experience new dimensions of Christian fellowship.  England Term can be an encouraging time of spiritual stimulation, and most participants find that their faith is affected as much as their intellect.
  3. A unique personal experience: You will learn as much about yourself as you do about literature, classmates, other cultures, and God.  You will be challenged and supported as you stretch your mind and expand your worldview, and discover new abilities (e.g., negotiating the subway system in a major world city!) and perspectives (e.g., meeting those who suffer in “the Troubles” in Northern Ireland).


Next steps

• Talk with your advisor: Off-campus study should complement your academic plan.

• Consult your parents: England Term does represent an additional financial investment. Make sure this works with your budget.

• Ask questions: Contact the study abroad office (651.638.6492) or Dr. Mark Bruce, program director, in the English Department. Office: AC316 Phone: 651.638.6347 Email:

• Apply: Obtain an application packet from the study abroad office (CC320A). The application fee is $50. A $250 confirmation deposit will be required 2 weeks after acceptance.


• Minimum sophomore standing

• Minimum 2.5 GPA

• See application for additional policies

Important dates

Applications include a $50 nonrefundable application fee.  A $250 confirmation deposit will be required two weeks after acceptance to hold the spot.

October 15 Priority application deadline
November 18
Final application deadline
November/December Students notified of acceptance
Fall Informational meetings
Spring Pre-departure Meetings
April Mandatory study abroad orientation (date TBD)
August Final payment due with Fall 2017 bill
August 20 Planned departure
December 6
Planned date of return