Summer School

Summer School

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Bethel is offering a variety of courses, including General Education courses, at all levels during two different terms this summer. Each term includes options for face-to-face, online, and/or blended course formats. Taking summer school courses at Bethel is a great way to complete a second major, add a minor, make room in your schedule for a semester abroad, meet a prerequisite for another class, as well as to graduate early. In addition, you will benefit from the biblical perspective and integration of faith and learning that characterize Bethel courses, which is not available in most other summer school programs.

Things you will need to know:

  • Terms
    • Term A starts June 1, 2015 
    • Term B starts June 24, 2015
    • (The last day of each term varies by course.)
Summer 2015 Course Schedule
Summer 2015 Gen Ed Schedule

You are registered for Summer School - Now What? 

Helpful information to get started with Summer School
Summer Hours
Changes in Registration and Scheduling

•      All changes in registration initiated by the student must be made according to the Add/Drop and Withdrawal dates published. Bethel reserves the right to withdraw, modify, or add to the list of courses or the course descriptions in this packet. Classes that fail to meet minimum enrollment are subject to cancellation.

•      Students withdrawing will not receive a tuition refund if they fail to notify the Office of the Registrar or are suspended from the college.

                Full Term: June 1 – August 16

                1st Half – A: June 1 – June 22

                2nd Half – B: June 24 – August 16

Add/Drop and Withdrawal Deadline Dates:     

Term Add/Drop* Withdrawal Deadline
Full Summer 6/1-6/8 7/8/14
1st Half: A 6/1-6/2 6/17/14
2nd Half: B 6/24-6/25 7/13/14
* Drop without receiving a “W” on transcript.

Refund Schedule:

Contact Information

For more information or to have your questions answered, please contact the appropriate office:


Academic Affairs

Financial Aid

Campus Summer Hours
Term 75% refund 50% refund 25% refund 0% refund 
Full Summer 6/9 – 6/19/15 6/20 – 6/26/15 6/27 – 7/3/15 7/4 – 7/8/15
1st Half: A 6/3 – 6/5/15 6/9 – 6/10/15 6/11 – 6/15/15 6/16 – 6/17/15
2nd Half: B 6/26 – 6/30/15 7/1 – 7/6/15 7/7 – 7/9/15 7/10 – 7/13/15