Enter into a supportive Christian community that’s preparing teachers for meaningful and compassionate service in the classroom.

The Department of Education at Bethel prepares well-rounded graduates equipped with superior skills and knowledge in how children and young people learn. They’re also grounded in instructional theory, teaching strategies, and content knowledge—all combined with Christ-centered values.

If this is the kind of teacher you want to become, welcome to the education program at Bethel. In this major, you’ll have a broad scope of education licensure options, across all grade levels (pre-school through high school). You’ll be prepared in foundational knowledge—how to teach—and also in the specialized knowledge of a chosen specialty, such as early child development, math, music, social studies, science, business, or a number of other options.

This combination, offered in our supportive Christian community, will make you a marketable teacher in a competitive profession. Our professors are dedicated to serve as mentors, preparing educators for service in schools who are caring, competent, and qualified.

Our graduates:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and competence in the context of educational theory and content knowledge
  • Understand and facilitate student learning and development
  • Engage in reflective practice
  • Establish collaborative relationships
  • Demonstrate a Christian worldview characterized by integrity and compassion

Majors & Minors

  • Elementary Education
  • Elementary Education with Preprimary
  • Elementary Education with Middle Level
  • Education 5-12
  • Education K-12

Plus, we offer tons of specialty areas so you can teach what you love. 

Learn more about our majors and licensure areas.

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