Strong theatre training in a Christian liberal arts environment.

In the theatre program at Bethel, we journey together to understand the human condition, to probe our complex culture and the equally complex past. 

Our students enjoy all the benefits of a small Christian school—intimate class sizes, personal attention, liberal arts teaching—along with an in-depth theatre arts major that’s divided into 3 tracks:

  • Acting/Directing
  • Technical/Design
  • Musical Theatre

No matter what emphasis students choose, our professors create an experience that engages the whole person. This is both powerful and occasionally upsetting because it raises tough and unconventional questions about human life. But ultimately, it enriches our understanding of ourselves and how we interact with our neighbors.

Beyond work in the classroom, annual theatre productions engage our students in the creative process of telling important stories. We choose productions that represent a wide range of experiences—joy, pain, triumph, and shame—to capture the imagination and enliven hearts in entertaining ways. And with every production, our students reflect on how to express biblical truth to their audience. 

Located in the heart of the Twin Cities, students have access to a thriving theatre arts community just minutes away. Learn more about why theatre students choose Bethel.

Majors & Minors

  • B.A. in Theatre Arts (Acting/Directing)
  • B.A. in Theatre Arts (Technical/Design)
  • B.A. in Theatre Arts (Musical Theatre)
  • Theatre Arts

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