A scholarship is a monetary gift that celebrates an academic achievement, special talent, or act of service. The best thing about a scholarship is that it doesn't need to be repaid.

Bethel Scholarships

We give out a number of Bethel scholarships to help lower the cost of tuition and to recognize you for what you've accomplished.

Here are just a few things you could receive a scholarship for:

  • Impressive academic achievements
  • Family members who attended Bethel
  • Exceptional talent in art, music, theatre, chemistry, or forensics
  • Demonstrated leadership

State Scholarships

Minnesota residents may qualify for state scholarships funded by the Minnesota government to help cover college expenses.

Private Scholarships

Be sure to explore your options for private scholarships. Check with your high school guidance counselor, talk to your employer or your parent's employer, and look into ethnic heritage groups or other organizations.

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